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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent"

Victor Hugo

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Welcome to Troubador Studio. Our goal is to bring whatever creativity that is inside you, out into the world!

About Me.

My name is Doreen Casey. I am a mother and grandmother! I have been a creator since I was a child. I come from a very artistic family. My grandmother was a church organist, choir director and teacher. My mother was an artist and studied music as a child. My father played several instruments and made several as well. My siblings and I took music lessons as children. I continued my studies long after high school. I have been involved in many musical theatre productions both on and behind the stage. I played and sang in several bands and led award winning ensembles when I taught Elementary School. I have also directed choirs and mentored young bands. But my favourite endeavours have always involved encouraging others to share their gifts with the world. 



Bachelor of Education

OISE/ University of Toronto

In this program, I learned classroom management skills and how to encourage students to learn by creating a safe learning environment. My focus was on Junior/Intermediate (grades 4 - 10) but there were also many opportunities to work with younger students as well as those with learning differences. After completing my degree, I went on to take courses in Special Education, Teaching FNMI Students as well as getting my "specialist" in both Instrumental Music and Orff.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons.)

York University

My years at York were spent as a Vocal Performance Major. With a Fine Arts degree, there were also many opportunities to explore other art forms such as Visual Arts and Sculpture. I also studied several different "World Music" areas such as Kolintang (Indonesian Gongs), and Cuban Popular Music. I also began my studies in Music Pedagogy (how to teach music) with courses in Kodaly and Orff.


Jazz Vocal Program

Humber College of Arts and Technology

Learned Jazz Theory, sang with the Jazz Choir as well as a small ensemble. This was a performance based program so there was a lot of concerts and rehearsals.


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